What is Carbon Negative?

So what is Carbon Negative, you might ask? And is it the same as carbon neutral?

No, it’s not. We aim to be Carbon Negative. Let us explain: every article of clothing that is manufactured has a certain carbon footprint.

If a brand is “carbon neutral,” that means it reduces its carbon emissions in the supply chain and then offsets the carbon leftovers back to zero carbon emissions—by planting trees, or using carbon capture technologies, for example.

We think carbon neutrality is great. But we want more. 

At Komorebi, we don’t just want to dial our carbon footprint back down to zero: we want to go below zero. To leave the world not as we found it, but better than we found it. We want to be Carbon Negative. Some people may also call this Climate Positive. We use the terms interchangeably.

Enter Carbon Negativity. Not only do we use renewable energy sources to produce our animal product-free, organic and handpicked cotton clothing. We also invest in biodiversity projects all around the world, ensuring that our net positive impact as a company, and the net impact of every article shipped to your home, is increased one-hundred fold.

Our Carbon Negative approach ensures that every item we make, and every item you purchase, has a net positive effect on the planet. Great for us, great for you, and great for Mother Earth.

We understand that many fashion brands have begun the conversation to do the same. And we love it. As a small, independent-led fashion brand we acknowledge that we had the advantage to start the supply chain from zero, to ensure our Carbon Negative mission was implemented from the start.