Mission Statement

The urgency to tackle climate change and our appetite for creativity led us to build the first Carbon Negative, animal-product free clothing company in the world. 

Komorebi (Japanese, noun): 

The interplay of light and leaves when sunlight streams through the trees. 

Our name, in its union of the natural and the aesthetic, encapsulates our mission: to bring you bold, high quality clothing, and to do so Carbon Negatively, animal-free, and with full transparency. 

PRODUCT MISSION: To create cool, long-lasting, comfortable loungewear.

Our designer, a Central St Martins fashion design graduate, creates original artworks that are Pantone-matched and embroidered onto our garments. All our pieces are cut to give you an effortless, flattering, oversized fit. We care about how our clothes feel, so our double-faced cotton is rubbed with a steel brush to offer you the softest sensation. You’ll never want to take it off—almost. Wink.

ENVIRONMENTAL MISSION: To produce 100% Carbon Negative, organic, and vegan clothing.

We also acknowledge that to be absolutely Carbon Negative is a work in progress in itself, but we are committed to constantly refining our supply chain to make it even more environmentally friendly. After all, GREEN is the new black.

We want every Komorebi purchase to have a positive impact on the earth. We will never—ever—use animal products or anything synthetic. We:

  1. Only use sustainable farming techniques to grow and harvest our organic fibres.
  2. Ensure that our manufacturer is audited by the Fair Wear Foundation to follow ethical trade practices and not use 'sweatshop labour'. 
  3. Ensure our machines are run solely on renewable energy through solar panels and wind turbines. 
  4. Use a process of dyeing which happens in a controlled closed-loop purification system to convert any remaining waste water into clean water. 
  5. Invest into biodiversity projects that are helping to save the world. You can check out what projects we're supporting here.

These steps allow us to carbon-offset by one-hundred fold, thereby fulfilling our commitment to be Carbon Negative.