Koko the Leopard

Meet Koko, our adopted leopard.

As you may have noticed, Koko is in some of our designs. Koko is an Amur leopard, currently the second most endangered animal on earth. The Amur leopard (Panthera pardus orientalis) is the world’s most endangered big cat, with an estimate of only about 80 left in the world. The reason for the fall in numbers of these majestic animals is due to habitat loss, fragmentation, and poaching, all issues Komorebi is trying to help.

There is good news though! The leopard’s numbers are increasing. With sponsors like us behind them, the WWF has tripled the number of leopards from roughly 30 in 2017 to 80 today. 

Our sponsorship supports monitoring the Amur leopard population in Primorksii Krai, funding projects to restore degrading habitats and illegal logging, and establishing a strong system of protected areas for them to thrive. Although these may seem like small battles, added together, they can and will make a huge difference.

Not all is lost, and like with Koko, with the help of those who care, maybe…just maybe, we might be able to save not just the Amur Leopards, but Planet Earth as well.

To read more about the Amur leopards visit the WWF

Source: WWF